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Host of the nationally syndicated The Kevin Jackson Show, Kevin Jackson integrates satire and humor while educating fans on America’s political and pop culture ironies and hypocrisies. As a former Fox News Contributor, Kevin was regularly featured on Fox & Friends, Hannity, The Ingraham Angle, The Tucker Carlson Show, as well as Fox Business’ Varney & Company, Cavuto and more.

Kevin’s passion for conservative values was sparked at a very young age as he studied and watched Ronald Reagan. Though Reagan had lost his race, Kevin admired the man even still. As Kevin says, ‘He didn’t give the speech of a loser, but of a man who hadn’t won yet!’ Called ‘the valedictorian of the latest class of political pundits’s Kevin inspires a new generation of pundits to make their mark on America.

Kevin Jackson has an uncanny way of taking the most important issues of our day and condensing them into clever, easily understandable irrefutable positions.

Clarence Thomas

Supreme Court Justice

Along with reaching millions on TV and radio, Kevin is a best-selling author of three books. His latest offering titled, ‘Race Pimping’ showcases his rapier wit and satirical writing style in exposing the fleecing of America. This same style shaped his freshman and sophomore offerings, ‘The BIG Black Lie’ and ‘Sexy Brilliance and Other Political Lies’ , both best sellers as well.

When Kevin is not writing books or appearing on Fox, he’s publishing articles online that reach millions every month. The Black Sphere is Kevin’s baby, and you can also find his unique style of penmanship on The Wall Street Journal, American Thinker, Townhall Magazine, and other national print media.

Years of business acumen as a management consultant to the Global 1000, teamed with personal experiences earned Kevin accolades from politicos on both sides of the aisle, and he is considered a powerhouse. Kevin realized that the Conservative movement needed to apply the same concepts of a successful business, and that’s what he brings to today’s political steam pot. Kevin regularly speaks at events nationwide and those who have seen him debate agree the delivery of his calm, clever and uniquely insightful message leave opponents dumbfounded. Kevin simply sees things in situations that others don’t see until he talks about it and leaves his audience wondering why they didn’t think of that.

A native of Texas, Kevin attended the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, TX and he graduated from SMU in Dallas with degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Math.

A Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics and a member of the Steamboat Institute for Politics advisory board, Kevin has been at the forefront for change in America for nearly a decade. Kevin also lovingly served ten years on the advisory board for the Missouri Adoption Exchange helping over 1,000 children find their forever families.

And in his free time, Kevin advocates for law enforcement and is currently working on the nationwide release of a documentary film, Bleeding Blue. To call Kevin an overachiever would be a gross understatement. His talent, energy and drive to educate Americans on conservative values compels him in a way that simply resonates with today’s divided political culture and keeps him pushing ahead.

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